Creative Light Studio Photography by Sean Lasch
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My love for photography started bsck in the 1970's when i was only a few years old. My dad bought me a camera with lenses that could be changed and a flash to go on top. I was the happiest kid on the planet! Inevidabely a short while later i had my own darkroom and i would spend hours printing whatever caught my eye earlier that day. The magic of creating those images and watching them apear before my eyes was unparralled. I knew then that photography was what i wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Though my skill has changed over the years, my love of creating those images has not. I still feel like that kid when i take photos.

Back in 1991 I started my professional career shooting headshots and custom printing in a black and white lab. Over the years I have worked in press, advertising, corporate, catalog, portraits, weddings, and historical conservation/restoration. I have been mentored, mentored, practiced, taught, hosted workshops, been on a photography curriculum advisory commitee, and am known amongst the professional community as a master black and white photographer and printmaker. My work hangs on the walls of executives, movie stars, and people everywhere. Although I love all aspects of photography, photographing people is my favorite. Today I primarily shoot weddings and portraits. Capturing
peoples emotions, telling their stories, and showing everything that makes them unique & beautiful is what I enjoy most. I take pride in creating images that people hold dear for the rest of their lives, images that people will be remembered by for generations to come, images that say more than 'cheese'.